Little Giant Dark Horse- M22


Lighter than any other fiberglass articulating ladder
Less lifting, fewer handling and transport-related injuries to the shoulder and back
Prevent falls due to over-reaching. wide-flared extension ladder improves side-tip stability
Reduces fatigue and foot pain, improving speed and quality of work
The vast majority of ladder accidents can be traced back to two key mistakes: using the wrong ladder for the job and over-reaching. We designed the little giant Dark horse to help you avoid these common problems. The Dark horse is the only fiberglass multi-use ladder on the market. Its wide-flared base provides much more lateral stability than straight-sided step or extension ladders, preventing many accidents caused by over-reaching.
Because it is constructed with super-lightweight, super-strong nonconductive fiberglass composite, the Dark horse is a versatile tool for any jobsite. You can use the little giant Dark horse in up to 33 unique configurations, including a-frame, extension, and 90-degree ladders. It literally replaces several sizes of stepladders and extension ladders; and unlike any other ladder, allows you to work safely on stairs.
Fewer shoulder and back injuries due to transport. Lighter than any other fiberglass articulating ladder