If LinkedIn Imitated Spotify and had a 2019 Wrapped

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In 2019, you spent some serious time pretenting to use LinkedIn for Work.

When in reality, you were using it to kill time. 

Let's see a few highlights

LinkedIn Premium

2019 Wrapped


Top Message Senders

  1. Sales person asking if they can help improve your SEO/lead generation. 
  2. Sales person asking to partner with you. In reality, they just want to sell you something.
  3. Recruiter asking you to join a low salary sales team. They justify the low pay with uncapped commission.
  4. Software using real members' profiles to sell you something.

Top Messages Received 

  1. Do you want to be your own boss?
  2. Wanting to check if you are interested in attaining your PMP Certificate.
  3. I'd like to personally invite you to my webinar.
  4. I would like to connect over a call and show you how we can help you drive leads....

Number of messages received


Top Message Sender


You Were Connection-Fluid

This means you didn't care about the quality of connections and invited/accepted random people. This strategy really doesn't benefit anyone. But go ahead and stroke your ego on your 19,500 "followers." Below is a quick breakdown of the industries your connections work in: 

Founded Their Own Company but are Actually Unemployed

Thank You For Spending So Much Time With Us

Below is how much time you spent reading random articles instead of looking for opportunities to further your career:


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