We like to think of these as our monthly stimulus package. 


We like to think of these as our monthly stimulus package. 

4/20 Get Even Higher Sale

We are 100% for a wall around Colorado. We would have the dopest 4/20 sale ever. 

We will have a region-based marketing strategy that gives discounts to states that legalize weed.

Large Ladders will partner with weed shops to increase sales (The Get Even Higher Bundle).

We may raise our prices on 4/20 and hope everyone is too high to notice.



If you thought coming out of the closet was hard, try coming out as the first company to admit to profiting off the LGBTQ movement.

Pride Promotions

We will have a "Raise Your Flag Sale" along with a "Two Erections are Better than One Sale."

Pride-For-Profit Clothing

People will understand our point and buy our clothing or they will proceed to ridicule us. Either way: free publicity.

Is This Satire? 

Kind of. This was going to be a fake promo to make fun of all the companies using a movement to make money.  Now, we want to profit off satire. 

Other Promotions

For now, we will have the promos on our merchandise. If our GoFundMe takes off, we will manufacture our own ladders and run sales on our hardware products.

V-Day Get Over Your Ex Sale

Every February 14th, we will offer discounts to the lonely lovers. You can also send a cheap ladder to your ex to tell them to get over themselves.

Ladders for Libras

September 23rd - October 23rd, we will discount our well-balanced ladders. Libras love balance, and we love ladder safety. 

St. Laddy's Day

Not sure if we can include Guinness and Jameson with our ladders but we are going to try.

Church of Ladder Day Saints

Churchs are tax exempt and so our ladders will be too. We are going to cover the taxes on religious holidays.

Ladders for Latin Lovers

We were going to have a Ladder for Latins Sale. However, we got confused on the terminology (e.g., Latinx, Latin@, Latinos, Latinas, and Latins).

Step Ladder's Day

Discounts for step parents every Mothers' and Fathers' Day. The child might not know their real parents but they will know their real ladder.

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